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How do I tell my mum I’m being sexually abused?

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Telling someone is really important so you can make the sexual abuse stop and get some help and support. Talking about sexual assault or abuse can be really hard, so plan some ways to take care of yourself before and after you tell. This could be talking with a friend, going for a bike ride or a run, listening to music, reading or eating cake.

Generally speaking, sexual assault is any type of unwanted sexual behaviour that makes someone feel uncomfortable, intimidated or afraid.

What is child abuse?

Child abuse is when children or young people are harmed, not protected or not taken care of. Child abuse can happen in many ways, for example: Physical abuse, Emotional abuse, Sexual abuse, Neglect.

Find a time to talk to your mum when she’s alone and doesn’t need to rush off anywhere. She will probably seem really upset or in shock after you tell her. This is normal because she cares about you, and it’s hard for her to know you’ve been hurt. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell her, or that you are to blame for her being upset. The person who is abusing you is responsible.

After you’ve told her, you and your mum can talk about what is needed to keep you safe from the abuse. Sexual abuse is a crime and you can report it.

If your mum has trouble believing you, tell someone else. You could tell a teacher, school nurse or welfare officer, friends’ parents, or your GP. Keep telling until someone helps you!

Services you could call

You could also call:

Who is a Counsellor?

A professional who has been specially trained to support people who have been sexually assaulted or abused. The Counsellor can also speak with medical and legal services on behalf of the person if they want this.


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For more information about this or to contact the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault go to the SECASA website.